The 100 List

The 100 List

Writing goals by hand on paper does ‘something’.

I have heard more reports of people finding handwritten goals years after completing them that I have to believe there is a correlation. I have myself had this happen in my own life. It is an amazing thing to see yourself prophecy your own future in your own hand. Its encouraging to think BIG. Our own mind is often the Reducing Valve to keep Reality within our own confines. You may hear people box themselves in… “Life is hard.” “Making money is difficult.” “I guess that’s the way it just is….” “Nobody does….” Exe. Bullshit! Be different. Sheep are sheep. You are obviously not. What is good for you is not what is good for them, and likewise.

So on the Meat. Don’t let the surface level ‘simplicity’ fool you. This is Raw Power if used with intent.

Get a notebook and a good pen or two. You want to be able to write quick.
Write out numbers 1 – 100, each having its own line. It’s cool, I’ll wait.

Now write 100 things you want to Be, Do or Have. Situations or life style descriptions that you feel well up.

The thing is to not limit yourself in ANY way. The Key is to keep the pen moving, don’t limit just write what pops to mind. It is like pulling trays off a stack at a cafeteria, another will pop up and another and another, and so on. Keeping in that state will get you deeper and deeper into what you really desire.

Keep going.

Can you get 100?
Keep the page safe. Hide it from yourself and look at it in 3-5 years. You might be surprised!

Rock On!


Let Go and Be Free

Let go and be free.

There is freedom when you allow this present moment to be exactly as it is. We can plan and work hard, but what is in our awareness in this exact split second moment we live in, is as it is. When we relax into the moment, allowing it to be as it shows up, we are loose and relaxed. Even if mental-freedomthe moment is full of fear or is something we wish could be different, if we allow it and let go of our need to control it, there is a spaciousness and a feeling of power. It seems so opposite to what we often believe. If we don’t force our ideal way, how will we know life will flow how we want it? Well, that is the way most of us have lived our whole life, and is life exactly how we want it? Often it is quite different than we had imagined. There is power in letting this moment be as it is.Allow yourself to feel it completely and then let it go completely.

Let each moment be its own eternity.

Let each come and go completely.

If I don’t bring the past moment into this moment, and if I am not pushing this moment into the next where will I be? I will be free. I will be beyond description and with the Stream of Life that is flowing right Now. Let go of your desire for control, approval and security and see what happens.

You are much more than you think you are.

Forget who you are and remember WHAT you are.

Freedom Damn It!


Sex – A New Approach


What pissed me off was that sex never quite seemed like how I imagined it would be.

There was so much desire in it to have it be something ongoing that when it was volatile it seemed backwards. The hotter it got the longer the distance became before the attractive magnetism came back. The harder I chased pleasure the faster it ran.

I have always been curious about sex. There was a time when my parents had a Bible study at home and I was in charge of the other kids my age. I started to ask questions and talk about sex. It was a disaster. I had to apologize to all the “religious” friends my parents had for even bringing up the subject. It was implied that you would be gifted with the knowledge of what to do when the timing was right, without anyone having the dirty task of talking about it.

I wanted to talk about it.

I wanted to figure this enigma out.

Slovemakingo, I spent the next twenty years doing just that. Sex was a mission of sorts and I knew the answer wasn’t in finding different partners and eventually found technique and “tricks” to be shallow and fickle.

Presence, awareness became the goal. It was a mutual shared experience in the Now that created pleasure. There was also a realization that orgasm was not the highest expression of Passion. There was something sublime in the soft, something burning hot in the calm waters of love. Orgasm was forgotten, and the forcefulness of lovemaking subdued. What resulted is a lengthening of a feeling of contentment. The mental red blinking light screaming for seductive passion and desire subsided, leaving a calmer mind to find a level of its own. It was like once the “sex box” in my mind was checked off, meaning it was complete and ongoing, I could use my mental power elsewhere.

There was a small phrase that have stuck with me in regards to sex, that might put this all into a sort of perspective. In Scarface with Al Pachino he says “when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” Like the end-game was getting the women. So, when you have everything, woman was the final prize. What if that is handled already? Does that make you more rich than someone with material wealth? I hypothesize that is the case.

If this core need is met, there is something powerful that is loosed that can be a great benefit to society. It is like once your biology is untethered from the drive to physically reproduce, something deeper, more meaningful can sprout.

A calm, content heart can give. And to give of the heart is to find happiness. What is hot and scarce will ensnare the mind and keep it tethered, but a man with nothing to lose is really free. Orgasm chains you to your body. There is bliss in letting that act go and regaining the strength that was once wasted.

There is a mental strength that grows when there is a “laying down of the sword” of performance and goals in regards to lovemaking. When passion flows from the Nothingness of inner Silence it is sweet and ongoing. A song that never gets old. There is a magnetism to your partner that grows deeper. The act may seem repetitive and bland on the surface but the inner landscape in flourishing with something subtle and sublime in a way words cannot convey.

Question Everything!


Meditation – Letting Go


Meditation is THE key tool to get you where you want to go (even if your unsure where that is).

Meditation is getting to that raw state of Nothingness is where you become more “you” as you drop the labels and expectations that have been placed on you. I want to encourage you to see you are most enlightened when you are “naked” in the world, living without the constrictions of society and just being yourself.

So how to meditate and what to meditate on?

I hope this short video will help you answer these questions.

Meditation is often made out to be more complex than it is. I hope this short video shows how simple and easy it can be to get more and more time in that space that is so beneficial.

I recommend using a Seiza bench with good padding under your legs and a Mindfold eyeshade to keep you in darkness to be able to focus deeply. I time my meditations (2×20 min/day) with a Gymboss timer on vibrate mode attached to my waistband of whatever I am wearing. I also keep track by marking one side of an X on a calendar for the morning and finish the X at night as I do my final meditation. It is so encouraging seeing the chain of days add up as this practice progresses. Don’t get discouraged with an imperfect “chain”, just be honest and mark what you do. As you go it will get more and more consistent as you stick with it.

This has been a wonderful way to keep this beneficial practice going for myself.

Please ask any questions you like: email me at

I hope you find the Freedom you never lost,



Spiritual Practice – A Unique View


Here is a unique view of Spiritual Practice I would like to share with you.

This has worked for me and is a bit tricky to get at first but gets past a lot of long-winded bullshit you sometimes get with spiritual practice instructions.

There are two terms used that will be in the video that can be a new way to look at things. They are “The Story” and “The Screen”.

The Story is anything that has been added to the experience of pure consciousness; the feeling of being Alive.

The Screen is that raw consciousness; the constant feeling of what is Now is real, the feeling of being aware that has never changed since you were an infant.

Giving up the Story and focusing on the Screen are the beginning and the end of Spiritual Practice. The Screen, or Life Itself, is all that is.

Try it for a second. Let go completely into this moment. Can you feel or see how even your name is something you have to “bring with you” or “remember” when you are in the raw state of just being? There is something basic, like the white page under the black letters on the page, that has been with you since you became aware of yourself. Peace, freedom and power reside here. Staying in that state has power, just BEING has an importance that is hard to grasp.

I hope you find the Freedom you have never lost!


Sex for Spiritual Growth


Sex is an amazing thing! Sex can be used for spiritual growth if used right. It is also one of the chief motivators of humanity. I want to give you a glimpse of what I have learned about sex over the years, and it is TOTALLY different than what I thought or was taught.

Here is a really thrown together video of how Sex can be seen as a continuous catalyst for growth and a source of connection with your partner. If you ever feel that you and your partner are “hot and cold” at times, then this will explain what is going on and how to side-step this natural occurrence. This is a simple video, but the theory is sound. It takes time for this to show the effects though. One odd way you might notice things changing is that after about three weeks of practice food will taste better, more complex and rich. It is your brain chemistry adjusting that allows more pleasure in everyday life. Also there is a more “giving” attitude that flows from you as you are not depleted and feeling the need to fill in the gaps with other things. When you are not “hungry” you are more able to give to others; be that time, energy or love.


I see sexual energy as the SOURCE of enthusiasm. When you are full of enthusiasm, you feel powerful, and alive; and that power and aliveness comes from being present and willing to give of ourselves as the moment needs.

Life has an odd way of giving us what we want in weird ways. Sex without orgasm is better, and it makes life better and more interesting. I hope you find it makes you more “you” and gives you the joy in your relationship that “hot sex” in theory gives, but does not in the long run.

Please email me if you have any questions or comments at .

I hope you all find the Freedom you never lost,


Sex and Spirituality


I’m going out on a limb today! Gonna give you a pearl that has been hard won and difficult to follow. But if understood stands to shake the core of what you believe is possible.

This has the potential to “fix” a lot of reactive behavior, depression and motivation issues. Please listen and leave feedback. Sex can be a catalyst for growth and a benefit to others if used properly. It can either fill you till your overflowing or drain you till your in the land of “hungry ghosts” as is put by the ancient Chinese Masters.

Freedom Damn It!


Freedom = No “Story”


We all carry stories. Your name is a sort of story, your life, your preferences, almost everything that is “attached” to you is a story. Freedom is having no story. Freedom is being undefined and undefinable. Freedom is raw. Freedom is empty and full at the same time; empty of content, and full of present awareness. Freedom is knowing there is nothing outside of this one precious present moment. The future is just a process that is continued out of the present. The process will flow as it will. We can manipulate purely logical events in the short run, but ultimately we are all in a River of life that flows between two banks of pain and pleasure. Accept each in the present and let go of holding on or rejecting. What you can accept, you can let go. What you hide from sticks around, hidden, but still there under the surface. Accept your story, and then let it go. You are not your name. You are not your body. You are not your problems. You are not others opinions of you. You are free, but you are not who you think you are. You are free when you have no story. You must forget WHO you are to know WHAT you are. And you are far more than you think and far less at the same time. The mental void of “No Story” is where Freedom is.

Freedom Damn It!


Welcoming the Unknowing–Welcoming Empowerment

So, today I woke up feeling uneasy and restless. An aimless, ungraspable intensity to do something that felt so pressing but just out of reach, flavored the morning in an overwhelming melancholy. A push to “do” without an aim or a goal – that is what I felt. So what do we do with that Unknowing that takes us at times? How do we empower ourselves with that? What do we do with that energy which wants to create, but is diffused, and without a set medium to create from?
By welcoming it? Yes, indeed!

Welcome this Unknowing

It came to me as the only option. That Unknowing itself became a teacher of sorts, a medium to unleash the power within. It showed the lack of knowledge in what I would usually do to fulfill others’ mandates of what was expected of me. With no pull from others, I felt like a balloon with no string; a cloud with no substance. I discovered the “unbearable lightness of being” as Milan Kundera calls it, and I discovered how to be at ease with that lightness.

I realized that it is just the uncomfortable transition to being truly me. There is a learning that has to happen when we step out of the confines that have always held us. There is a vastness to this new freedom that is so ungrounded and uncomfortable; that which can truly empower us.

The Unknowing is not Foucaludian
There had been a time when Foucault seemed right, and polity did make good from it. For him, knowledge may be power, but this not knowing can be powerful still; can be uplifting still; can be boosting still.

However, not knowing doesn’t mean ignorance. Not knowing is, when I wish to a write something that makes some difference is someone’s life today, but I do not know what it is that I must write. Ignorance is not that. It is not caring if your writing makes someone better or worse. It may even unleash the power within, but that power will be directionless.

Like life itself, the new boundless state of not knowing, needs practice to become comfortable; to become known. Until then, I will welcome the Unknown as a friend and teacher. Because it is only by moving beyond what is comfortable and usual can we grow and empower ourselves. And, for a better focus, growth is a goal most worthy to pursue.