The Compound Interest of Sustained Action

I like to make lists. Lots of lists. Lists of things I want to change, plans, general madness and the like. My wife is very nice about all of my half filled notebooks around my house. But this year I have started a process of not diffusing myself on so many half-assed wishes and started to put the time in on a few things. The results so far have been amazing. I still get the nudges to change and tweak things, but I just watch those thoughts and try to see where the “voice” is coming from. I have committed to a year without change. Twelve months of daily action; 20 minutes of Mantra meditation followed immediately by 20 minutes of writing – twice a day, morning and night. Taking a cue from Jerry Seinfeld I mark half a red X on an at-a-glance full year calendar when I complete the morning ritual and the last part of the X when I complete the nights. I cannot tell you how beautiful an X’d out January looks! It has been hard though. The desire to change my mantra, to change my writing, to change everything has come and gone like storms in the sky. The calendar and X’s have helped ground me, but this is new. Never before have I been able to sustain something so simple for so long (ya, I know… only a month. But Still!) It has bread discipline in a lot of other areas of my life as well.

This is working and it has brought peace in my life. Waking early and knowing I am investing in myself flavors the whole day as a success even before it starts. The meditation before I create has been a revelation as well. It takes the brakes off, it’s like I watch my body create instead of “trying” at all.

Where are you going in life? What would you love to build? A novel, a relationship, a language skill, a business? Like the penny doubling every day adding up to $10,737,418.24 after 31 days, the small DAILY addition to your goal will reap rewards far beyond your input. Pick two things, one being a support and the other the main action towards your goal. Put the time in and stick to the simple plan and watch your life change in areas you could have not imagined.

Simple and steady. Leverage the Compound Interest of Sustained Action. And for today and every one after it,

Live RAD!


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