How to Find Yourself Home with All that Chaos?

The fact of the matter is that we are all looking for the same thing. But the only thing your mind keeps doing, is wondering home amidst all that chaos, turmoil, and diversity that surrounds you.

how to find yourself

how to find yourself

What It All Is

We seem so different, but the power of the mind, that internal freedom from compulsion, is what we are all yearning for. It stems from our belief we are separate, that we are “other” than our environment. All these words here on the screen have one common element – the screen.

Likewise, we all have a common feeling, that of existence; the feeling of being alive; of this very moment being real; that is the very same for everyone, and for everything. A tree knows that it is, a rock as well, us humans for all of our “advanced” skills and abilities are all an inevitable part of this “Is-ness” that we collectively swim in. We are molecules and atoms shifting in space-time. It is our mind that carries a story of continuity. It is our mind that spins the webs.

The Power within that Moves EVERYTHING

In reality EVERYTHING is just dancing in the Great Current – a sea of energy. All is a part of that play; even the desire to get rid of this ever continuing dance. Enlightenment or Salvation is just the ending of the need of those, realizing that it is our sense of being alone that we must give up to realize we are all-ONE. ALL IS. And what you are, is always there, just behind the noise. No need to search for it, you are IT.

What is Freedom?

Freedom is, knowing that every mistake is perfectly timed, and you are not in charge of the timing. It is like being one of the indispensable molecules of water, its power within itself, like all other molecules, and going with the flow. Your course has been chalked out, and whatever you do, will be what you had to do.

Freedom is, accepting that you cannot turn the clock around; that you can do your bit in the larger order of things.

So chill out and enjoy the ride. You are never not Home. Only once you let yourself go, will you get to know how to find yourself already home.

Rock On!


One comment on “How to Find Yourself Home with All that Chaos?
  1. Last year showed us overwhelming evidence that we still know nothing of universal order. The night skies were more than dramatic. The series of eclipses and blood moon spectacles caught the attention of even the least likely to admit these experiences could teeter on a spiritual experience.
    Yes we are molecules and atoms, the continuity of our collective energy running on our own frequencies. The yearning feeling is a frequency. A vibration. That guitar tuning gizmo-same idea but using the yearning to tune into a way of living. Make no mistake, it our advanced skill set that moved us to this awakening spiritual consciousness. The Universal failsafe. For some it is a rude awakening. For some of us, it is like settling into our favorite chair.
    Yeah, you’re home. Clocking into the same timekeeper as the trees, animals, planets, and stars. This is evolution folks. Maturing spiritually. Your spiritual education will reach you on your frequency. Enjoy the moments that everything falls into place, like your footsteps on a familiar trail. Understand that when nothing seems to work, timing is totally off-you are not doing what you need to be doing. The old saying, “take the path of least resistance”-in reference to working in sync with the frequencies around you.
    Mature responsibly and don’t forget your Rock.

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