Express Yourself to the “Monster of More”

Happiness – everyone wants it. I want to be happy. Don’t you? It doesn’t really matter whether or not you express yourself and your desire for happiness. The truth is that it is sought by all in one way or another.

express yourself

express yourself

Where is What We Want?

While looking for happiness, searching in many different schools of wisdom, and observing life, I have come to find that happiness is – wanting what you have. Paradoxical as it may sound, the stark truth lies within this revelation.

Most of us take those few moments when we get the “thing” we have wanted as happiness, when it was really just the end of searching. The truth is that what we want already lies in us. We look for happiness in relationships, in material profits, in a new car, or even in the illusion of social empowerment. What we get from these things is happiness of sorts, a conditional happiness. You will be unhappy when you do not have it; you will be happy momentarily when you have it.

And then,Strikes the “More” Monster

It will express yourself to you in ways so subtle that you will hardly notice. The neighbor’s car, bigger than yours; the friend’s family, happier than yours; the colleague’s salary, heftier than yours – the “more” monster will whisper this into your ears, and spur you on the path to seek more conditional happiness. “I will be happier if I have a bigger salary.” That is how you express yourself to that fiend.

What Combats this Devil?

Contrary to this sort of happiness, is the happiness that lies within. It is much more durable, and not transient. Whatever religion, whatever sect, whatever school of faith I tried to explore, only led me to accept one thing; that happiness is not something you will find somewhere; it is right within you. It is the only source of empowerment, and the best thing about it is that if you cannot seem to find it, you can create it.

So, Can’t Happiness Be Sought?

It can be, but within, not without. Just as the power is trapped only within, enduring happiness also thrives and grows only within you. The monster that asks for more will try to make to feel only dissatisfied, but the only thing that you must do is express yourself and realize that the More Monster is just an empty ghost; and that happiness is already here without needing anything else.

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