Freedom = No “Story”


We all carry stories. Your name is a sort of story, your life, your preferences, almost everything that is “attached” to you is a story. Freedom is having no story. Freedom is being undefined and undefinable. Freedom is raw. Freedom is empty and full at the same time; empty of content, and full of present awareness. Freedom is knowing there is nothing outside of this one precious present moment. The future is just a process that is continued out of the present. The process will flow as it will. We can manipulate purely logical events in the short run, but ultimately we are all in a River of life that flows between two banks of pain and pleasure. Accept each in the present and let go of holding on or rejecting. What you can accept, you can let go. What you hide from sticks around, hidden, but still there under the surface. Accept your story, and then let it go. You are not your name. You are not your body. You are not your problems. You are not others opinions of you. You are free, but you are not who you think you are. You are free when you have no story. You must forget WHO you are to know WHAT you are. And you are far more than you think and far less at the same time. The mental void of “No Story” is where Freedom is.

Freedom Damn It!


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