The 100 List

The 100 List

Writing goals by hand on paper does ‘something’.

I have heard more reports of people finding handwritten goals years after completing them that I have to believe there is a correlation. I have myself had this happen in my own life. It is an amazing thing to see yourself prophecy your own future in your own hand. Its encouraging to think BIG. Our own mind is often the Reducing Valve to keep Reality within our own confines. You may hear people box themselves in… “Life is hard.” “Making money is difficult.” “I guess that’s the way it just is….” “Nobody does….” Exe. Bullshit! Be different. Sheep are sheep. You are obviously not. What is good for you is not what is good for them, and likewise.

So on the Meat. Don’t let the surface level ‘simplicity’ fool you. This is Raw Power if used with intent.

Get a notebook and a good pen or two. You want to be able to write quick.
Write out numbers 1 – 100, each having its own line. It’s cool, I’ll wait.

Now write 100 things you want to Be, Do or Have. Situations or life style descriptions that you feel well up.

The thing is to not limit yourself in ANY way. The Key is to keep the pen moving, don’t limit just write what pops to mind. It is like pulling trays off a stack at a cafeteria, another will pop up and another and another, and so on. Keeping in that state will get you deeper and deeper into what you really desire.

Keep going.

Can you get 100?
Keep the page safe. Hide it from yourself and look at it in 3-5 years. You might be surprised!

Rock On!


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