The 3 Roadblocks to Fulfilling Sex

This is a video about the 3 major roadblocks to Fulfilling sex.

There is a whole other world to this aspect of human life. Sex is MUCH more than we were taught.

The 3 Roadblocks:

  1. Ignorant Teachers, and sources of sexual education / information. They don’t know any better, but what they are teaching does not lead to ongoing sexual fulfillment or contentment. What we have been doing doesn’t work. There IS a better way.
  2. Lack of knowledge on the Bio-Electric aspect of sex ( the ‘good’ feeling in sex are from energy moving, not from the orgasm or ejaculation ) and the energetic aspect of sex can go on and on, without needing to be dissipated. ( Energy that can not only help your relationship but also give you energy and motivation to attack your passion and purpose in life!)
  3. Lack of understanding on how Dopamine effects our sex life and our perception of our lover and our priorities. Dopamine sensitivity can take 2-3 weeks to come back after a Peak Experience or Hot Encounter. Just knowing this change your sex life.

Question Everything!


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