Float through Life

Float through life.

What an odd thing to say, you mighDownstreamt think. What a lazy, unproductive viewpoint to have…. But is it?

Like the weather, we cannot predict the events of our day or the unfolding that life will bring. When we push or pull against the unfolding of life, like the resistance of the weather to be other than it is; there is a type of emotional pain.

Start HappeningI have heard it put that we can “collapse time and space” by feeling like we already have what we want. You can feel the sunshine from the inside; even when its pouring rain. Have what you want NOW, not in the future. FEEL it as yours in this moment, the ONLY moment that exists (for it is the FEELING we are after, not the ‘thing’). The future will always run away, like a mirage. This one moment is all that is real. “NOW” is all that will ever exist. FEEL it as yours NOW, and rest in the HAVING feeling. Resist the urge to think otherwise, its the inner that must change before the outer. When you own the feeling of having what you want with no resistance the outer will change on its own. It has to. Let the life you want, come to you by ALLOWING.

Think about it, does your body not age around an Ageless Center? The ‘You’ that perceived your childhood had not changed in adulthood, just the stories and themes that are playing out on that blank perceiving canvas that has always been with you (or maybe IS you…). Allow yourself to rest as that Ageless Center. Know what you want (writing it out helps) and own the FEELING of already having it. That is how you collapse ‘space and time’.

So float through life. Let what comes, come. Let what goes, go. And rest in what remains no matter what.

Let Go and Float Downstream.

You got this!


Hack Your Goal

This is a great process on how to Hack Your Goal based on an excerpt from Tim Ferris’s newest book Tools of the Titans.

Take your List (100 things you want to Be, Do and Have) and whittle it down to 10. Take that ten and see if there is ONE that would make all the others less important. The ONE that is most important to you. Them write it 15 times a day in a powerful affirmation. Do it every day at the same time and watch you life slowly flow to that reality.

Start Within!


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