Success and Cannabis?

Start Within.

The concept came out of my frustrations with the Occupy Movement several years ago. I saw how many people pointed to others for their problems without seeing how they themselves may be apart of that same problem. That experience with organizing a group and protesting gave me a great insight into how people function. Many, I feel, are afraid or shamed to look at themselves. To clearly see both the good and bad of the situation and life they find themselves in. To look with awareness at your life alone, can create change just in itself. What gets measured, gets managed; and what gets managed, improves. 

Cannabis has been a tool to ‘measure’ my life; a magnifying glass, when used correctly, that can show areas that need improvement or attention. Cannabis has also helped with pain and meditation among other things. But for today, I want to focus on Success.

What is success? I believe it is ‘continuous movement in the direction of your (individual) Dreams’. Success is the joy of the journey YOU set for yourself. But how do you know if its YOUR journey or one someone else ‘gifted’ to you (read: put on you).

Break Free and Be You! I hope this video helps get you on your way.

Define what Success means to you and move in the direction of your Dreams.

Never Stop Dreaming!


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