Inner Silence as a Source of Streangth

Life happens. Sometimes its good, sometimes it sucks. Nothing is for certain and nothing lasts forever.

How do we find peace in life when it is always on the move? Where is solid ground within the chaos we can find ourselves in?

Silence. Silence Lao Tzu

Silence within, silence to the voice of judgment; not by fighting, but by relaxing into and beneath the mental noise and clutter.

Have you ever been in a conversation and a great idea pops to mind? Its hard to hear the other person; your great idea just rearing to come out as the other person talks on. This is how I have seen myself and others lead their lives at times, just waiting to get the end result we were after and not really caring about the other person. But what we don’t often see is what we miss when we ‘shut down’ briefly when we want to jump in, as they are ultimately looking for love from us with our attention.

Or have you ever been so mad or upset that you can feel the energy in your body want to burst fourth? That almost religious fervor boiling in your blood at some injustice. That energy is useful, our ideas in a conversation are useful; only on the extent we can give them up, however. And Silence is the Path.Black Hole

When we create a ‘Black Hole’ within ourselves of Silence while in daily life it creates a vacuum that can facilitate Freedom. Not necessarily physical freedom, more of a Harmony in the moment. Its almost like the ‘Spirit Eater’ guys of Harry Potter, only in reverse. When you empty yourself, and I mean as completely as you can, in the moment with someone or some issue there is an energy exchange that I don’t understand but have felt and seen. When we drop our own Story and allow the Story around us to dissolve in our own internal Silence, there is a spaciousness that forms around us like a breath of fresh air.

SoHappy Ball as often as you can, Drop the Story of who you are and what you are about and rest in Silence.

That center of Silence within you gives a Strength that is hard to fathom. To find that center, Meditation helps tremendously. Three periods a day of 10 minutes is a great place to start if you have some meditation background. Just remember “Its OK if it Sucks”, if you are ‘horrible’ at meditation that is fine. If ten minutes is too much, start with 1 minute three time a day, go to 2 after a few weeks, exe. Make it easy on yourself to start and keep it going. Just keep releasing and resting in Silence.

This isn’t easy, but it works.

Let Go into Silence and be Free.



Peace in a Crazy World

The world feels odd right now. Its like everything has shifted slightly.

Natural Disasters, World ChaosPolitical Chaos, Nuclear War Drums beating, all of it seems to have people shaken up.

It feels difficult to find consistency in this shifting landscape.

So, Let Go.

Free-fall into the Nothingness within this Moment.

Every moment is simple. It is our thinking that makes it complex.Water Bubble

Each moment is like a flipping of pages. Each its own eternity. Each never to reappear the same way again.

Each moment is a snowflake. Fleeting and unreal except for a brief image. The only thing gluing them together is the Story we have about it.

The only thing that is Real is the blank background behind the Story. The blank white paper under the  writing is always the same, and its the same blank white page for all of us. We all tap into the same feeling of being alive as everyone else. Beneath the superficial differences in appearances, we are all the same.

If we are all thFlipping of Pagese same, it makes it hard to judge another. It makes it hard to judge our-self as well.

What you are will never change and the “Story” will never stay the same.

Give Up the Story. 

Rest in the Nothingness behind every Moment and be Free.

Question Everything!


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