Fear is the Way – and why Giving Rocks!!!

Today is Halloween, a day to poke fun at Fear. A day to display the ‘Masks’ that make us afraid and realize it is nothing more than that, a mask. This is a day that allows something to shake free if we can see the meaning behind embodying our fears and realizing that  they are not who we are.Masks

I just got back from a big Convention in Dallas Texas. It was all about learning how to get a message out to a global audience and helping as many people as you can with your influence and message. It really pushed me to think about … well, what I am about. I really had to look hard at myself and see what was in me that is wanting to be given. And there is a depth of power in that wanting to give.

Joy is there.

Peace is there.

Abundance is there.

What is most in me to give is Freedom. I want people to be free to do and be who and what they are made to be. This is my Why – Freedom.

But freedom can be counter-intuitive… like having more discipline and self created boundaries can create more personal freedom.

Life, for the most part, is very counter-intuitive.

The more you give, the more you get. A truly giving person wants for very little, yet they seem to always have what they need when they need it. A open faucet lets the water flow from a vast abundance. I feel it is like this when we give. We open ourselves to the vast unlimited abundance that is the creative force within and underlying everything. When we open and empty ourselves of our story and desires and let abundance flow by giving of ourselves unselfishly there is a power that is beyond words. Giving allows us to get, and the process repeats.

Giving is a sign of great trust in the Universe. It shows there is a deep belief that there is something deeper than the physical. When we give of ourselves; time, energy, attention, there can be felt the unlimited nature of that kind of love. It is saying “I know the Source of abundance; I can give freely.”

What gets in the way of giving?

Fear. Fear

Fear that there will not be more. Fear that giving will become a trap. Fear that when we give there will be an expectation (obligation) to give the next time.

Like I said above, Life can be very counter-intuitive at times. And in this case, fear is the right direction. Give without wanting anything from it. Give with no idea of personal benefit and the fear will fall away.

I have to admit I had some fear when I got back from this Convention. There were so many people doing huge things in the world, with these huge missions and huge incomes that I felt small. But they all talked about being where I am, and some were right there only a few short years ago. My fear was that I had nothing to give or ‘who was I’ to give in this way. And the specific way it showed up, several times, was in regards to writing.

So, my fear is that I won’t be a good writer. That what I say won’t be ‘good enough’. My fear is that I will start and not finish, that I won’t stick to it. This is what is in me to give, however. I am OK if it sucks. I am open to writing for writings sake with the intention that one person benefits (even if its me in someway, that will then help someone else).

So I said ‘Fuck the Fear’ and am running straight at my ‘Monster’. I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and will start writing my book tomorrow morning. I have no outline or plan at the moment. I don’t know if this piece will even be fiction or non-fiction but I am going to do it. My process will be to meditate for 10 minutes before I write, get the house quiet with some ambient music. I will have the program up the night before I want to write in so when I wake up it is ready to rock. I have a Gymboss timer (vibrates like a pager when your time is done) set for 50 minutes. I will hit this with 50 minutes EVERYDAY for November.

I have several ideas for a theme, I would love your take on what the focus could be? What you want and what you think would benefit the most people. Here are some ideas I have.

  • Novel about a global wide spiritual event (Sun goes dark for three days) and the human race evolves quickly while everything we have been used to crumbles before our eyes.
  • Guide to be a ‘Successful Stoner’ – guide for professionals to get the most from Cannabis while not affecting their area of contribution.
  • Freedom Blueprint – Preventing ‘Dead-Ends’ in life that sap choice in life and drive to be who you really are and prevent your Unique Contribution.
  • A deep dive into the unknown, write like Steven King and just venture into the ‘Void of the White Page’ and see what emerges from the depths.

That last one is the one that interests me the most. Diving off the high dive without being able to see the water! A leap of faith into the abyss of Nothingness. So exited and so fucking scared!

I am facing my fears today. Is there anything you are running from you need to turn around and face head on?

Is there something you know you need to do that you have been putting off?

Time to turn that ‘blinking red light’ in you mind off. Turn around and face it. When you do, it looses all power, and YOU get that Power Back!

There is nothing to fear, but fear itself, and in all reality Fear is the Way. If you feel fear and its not like a bear running you down or life and death, its more than likely psychological fear of growing into the next stage of life. Growing means leaving something behind, but if we see what no longer serves us through the eyes of gratitude is moves that energy into higher places. Thank the belief, item or idea and let it go. Thank it for the service it gave at the time and let it go.

You do not have to hold onto everything. You do not have to remember everything. What you are is always there.

Move into what scares you and let go of what leaves. Growth is natural and transitions are always a bit messy.

To Freedom!



P.S. Leave a comment below and let me know what writing you would like to see.


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