Live Naked

By: Oscar Nelson   11/27/2017


Live Naked. 

WDark Treehen we are open and unguarded against life, we are free to be what we need to be in the moment. When we don’t hold ourselves back by boxing ourselves into a set, solid pattern; we are free to be who we need to be as we need to be it. This is living in Freedom, moving how Life directs us.

“As long as you have all sorts of ideas about yourself, you know yourself though the mist of these ideas; to know yourself as you are. give us all ideas. You cannot imagine the taste of pure water; you can only discover it by abandoning all flavorings.” Nisargadatta Maharaj

What yoFreedomu are is what is left when you give everything up. You are what remains Unchainging in the colorful and loud stream of sensations we call life. And that Unchanging aspect is what we are all inwardly seeking, even if we do not realize it. Having a relationship with that Unchanging aspect of ourselves is where inner freedom and peace take hold. When we can touch and rest in something Permanent there is a drastic relaxation of anxiety and worry.

So how do we give up the ideas we have about ourselves and find the Permanent in the changing?

Question Everything!

That is the Infiniteway to loosen the knots around you. Even your name is just a sound your body has been conditioned to respond to, it is not who you are. Everything that you know or have been taught has been an idea or concept passed down to you; to be accepted or denied by you. You have the power to let them go if they no longer serve you. And to be blunt, most do not serve you. I suggest you let go of all you possibly can and Live Naked in the moment. You still exist, and will move and function in the world (possibly more harmoniously) when you give up the concepts and ideas that bind you.

.They bind you to your mind.

The mind is a powerful tool, but when we cannot get space from it, the mind can drive us kindof crazy. The peace and freedom we all want is within and just below all the loud, yet empty, demands we feel are on us.

We are already free, but just like Maharaj said, ‘You cannot imagine the taste of pure water; you can only discover it by abandoning all flavorings.”

As best you can today, with me, abandon the Story about yourself and Live Naked.

Question Everything!




P.S. Please post below your biggest challenge with ‘Living Naked’ today.


Do What You Want

By: Oscar Nelson



Let me tell you a secret. You are not in control of the outcomes in your life.No Control

‘Wait WHAT?’ …. Bullshit you say?

Somethings may have gone to plan, or close to plan. But think about it, has anything really gone the way you have expected exactly? We may have an idea or direction, but the exact outcome is always up to a big chance. Effort and hard work help tremendously, but are not always an indicator of guaranteed success.

I have tried really hard at something in the past and had it blow up in my face. I have also half-assed things that were amazing in others eyes.

The outcome was separate from the effort.expectations Shakespeare

So what does that mean for us? How do we live if what we are after is not a guarantee? I suggest you live in a way where moment by moment, you make the choice (again in the moment) that the ‘Best Version of Yourself’ would choose and then let go of any expectations. Let go of any expectation in the future or a tying up of the past. Act as you think you are best able in the moment, then let everything else go. Outside of you doing what you feel is right in the moment; everything is causeless. Good or Bad may come to you. Let it be. You may be unjustifiably rewarded, or punished. Let it be. Be like a screen door and let life flow through you. The push and pull you may feel on you are all imaginary, they are only there because you allow them. Allow those that may be happy or upset with you to just be as they are. Allow them to just be as they are, they have little choice. It helps to take nothing personally.

Have your goals written out (100 things you want to Be, Do and Have is a great start) . And let the expectation of those go too. When you can release expectations and rest in the moment you may be surprised at the ease of that which needs to come to you can flow. Its an open hand that can receive easier than a closed fist. When you are unattached to outcomes, you are free. When you are free, what you need comes to you as you need it in the moment.

What aVast Nowre you if you have no future and no past? What are you if you only exist right now, in this moment? It seems so small, the now, this exact second; but if you really feel into it, its a vast Ocean. Inside the moment you don’t have a name, no story or history. You ARE, with everything else that IS.

This is HOME.

‘But how will I get what I want if I don’t plan and push and try to get ahead?’ – Good question. I advocate planning, but all planning is done in the moment. Do what you feel you must do in the moment, in the ‘Now’ but let go of any future desire or expectation of getting anything from it. What you are getting at is ‘Action for Action’Path Not Takens Sake’. You are working to work, creating to create, writing to write, with no thought of the future or reward. When what you are doing in the moment is its own reward you are always rich, always free. And when you produce and create from that space there is no way the World won’t reward you.

Money and abundance flows to Value. And when you create, work, produce, even play, from a place of Stillness (which action with no expectations engenders) you can’t help but produce massive value. Your mental state of calm alone can be of value to those around you.


So to recap:

  • Set Your Goals and Dreams
  • Let go of any Expectations
  • Do what you think the ‘Best Version of Yourself’ would do in the moment, in any situation
  • Let what comes, come and let what goes go
  • Let life flow through you (like a Screen Door) and Rest in the ‘Now’

Let Go and Be Free.

Hit me up with any questions, and remember;

You Got This!




P.S. Please write below what expectation(s) you are releasing today.


It’s OK if ‘IT’ Sucks.


By: Oscar Nelson  11/10/2017

I suffer from a good bit of perfectionism. It has, in the past, held me back from starting a lot of things that could have been very beneficial. I am lucky in a way, to have a bit of arrogance as well… . The two, perfectionism and arrogance, fight each other. And what comes out is action that has an edge to it. A head down, shoulder the weight, and a ‘fuck what is logical’ attitude that generally pushes me forward when it would be natural for me to stagnate.

I thought about it recently, because I sometimes see people who have A TON to offer the world but are stuck and not moving forward. Then it dawned on me, one aspect that gets me going and out of the perfectionism, is an attitude. The attitude is:

‘ It’s OK if ‘IT’ Sucks ‘

‘IT’ being whatever the Challenge is.

Maybe your Challenge is a new hobby, a new business, writing a book, starting a blog, creating a romantic relationship… YoSucking at Somethingu get the idea. Anything can be a challenge, and anything is possible if you are OK giving up your expectations of a certain result. Let it be OK if it sucks. But I have a feeling it wont. Because you wont stop there.

Everything is hard before it is easy. And when shit is hard, we suck at it. But then it gets a little easier, and a little more natural and smooth; as we fight past the ‘Suck’. Maybe we wont be world class, but almost anyone, at anything, can move past the ‘Suck’ part if they try. I just takes perseverance and a resilience to the ‘Suck’.

To get to where you want to go, Sucking at it (at first and for the beginning) is the first step.

What can you suck at today that will be a step forward in the direction you need to go?

What can you make a mess of, and have a blast with, that moves you in the direction of your Dreams?Start The Dream

Do that which excites and scares you. And remember;

Its OK if it Sucks.

You got this!



P.S. Please write below what you are going to be ‘OK if it Sucks’ at? And know I am rooting for you!

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