Nothing Changes Until You Do

-By Oscar Nelson

Its amazing how easily I can feel stuck out of the blue. At times I can feel so overwhelmed with things that are out of my control. Then something often shifts and my perspective changes. The issues that seemed to frustrate me fall away and a new focus is found, usually much more productive that what I was focusing on. What happened to change that focus?

I changed slightly.

And whenever we change, our entire world changes with us. It is amazing to see that what we allow or don’t allow in ourselves is mirrored in our exterior life. If we feel internally frustrated and lost, the world will prove we are right. If we focus on the positive and strive to focus only on what we can control, the world is positive and malleable to fit our needs.

What needs changing in your life?

What is something that feels completely out of your control that you are letting control you?

Could you think of a better way?

What would your life look like if you had the personal power to change it to how you want?

What is one thing you could do RIGHT NOW to move in that direction?

Effortless Action

Something that I have been working towards, that seems so counter intuitive, is effortless action. The action doing itself through me so to speak. Its getting into that flow state where you are observing yourself doing, but “you” seem to be just an observer as your body carries out its function. This is freedom. No worry about the end results, no thought about next weeks bills, no effort. Just noticing. No judgement, only open awareness. I feel that this is the resting state of the sage, the “Awakened” or “Enlightened” ones. Most have nothing to do and nowhere to be in their mentally pure state; and yet they may do much and be all over the Earth engaging with others. Is this meditation in action? Have you ever felt that same state? When and where was it? Can you remember, as a child, loosing track of time doing something? Is that something that could benefit your life right now? Could you do that special thing with a mindset of meditation and see what happens?

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