The Truth about Changing Lives

The truth about changing lives is something that is always looked for. Some find it; some don’t.
It’s amazing how easily one can feel stuck out of the blue. At times, I can feel so overwhelmed with things that are out of my control. Then something often shifts, and my perspective changes. The issues that seemed to frustrate me fall away, and a new focus is found, usually much more productive that what I was focusing on. What happened to change that focus?

I changed slightly.

What Happens when You do Change?

And whenever you find out how to change your life; whenever you change, your entire world changes with you.

It is amazing to see that what we allow or don’t allow in ourselves is mirrored in our exterior life. If we feel internally frustrated and lost, the world will prove that we are right. If we focus on the positive, and strive to focus only on what we can control, the world is positive and malleable to fit our needs.

What Needs to be Changed in Your Life?

What is something that feels completely out of your control that you are letting control you? Is it your work, your relationships, your health, or your life itself?

Could you think of a better way? Could you find a mantra for changing lives?

What would your life look like if you had the personal power to change it to how you want?

What is that one thing you could do RIGHT NOW to move in that direction?

Change is not a New Thing

Change happens all the time. Things change; they even fall apart; and then they get back together. All of us witness it more than once in our lifetimes. The truth is that change will always happen, but you will still have to discover how to change your lives.

It happens at big levels and small. No matter how pro you are towards it, you won’t experience it unless you are a part of it. The moment you decide to change your own self, things will too. That is the first step, and the ultimate one too.

How to Change Your Life?
This is a process that can never be sudden. It goes in phases, starting from bringing yourself to make small changes in you, leading to enduring ones. This is the only right way, and the only way for that matter.
Nothing will change until you do.

Express Yourself in Effortless Action

Something that I have been working towards, that seems so counter intuitive, is effortless action – the action carrying itself out through me, so to speak. If you feel it, you might also express yourself in words as abstract as these.

The Observer of Action
It’s getting into that state of flow, where you observe yourself doing; as acting, but “you” seem to be just an observer as your body carries out its own function. This is freedom. Not a worry about the end results; no thought about next week’s bills; no effort; just noticing. No judgment; only open awareness. All you know yourself as, is the observer of an action that is carrying itself out.

The Enlightenment in Being, Not in Doing
I feel that this is the resting state of the sage, the “Awakened” or “Enlightened” one. Most have nothing to do, and nowhere to be, in their mentally pure state; and yet they may do so much, and be all over the Earth engaging with others. It’s the lightness of being. You express yourself through your conspicuous action no more. You are; still you are not what you do. Your entity is; your existence is; but you are doing far more than what the world defines as action by being just an observer.

Is this What Tao Te Ching Recommended to Know Yourself?
Is this the same “wu wei” that Taoism told us about – the same principle of existing naturally, in a way that is not contrived at all; a way that is harmonious; like the planets move around the Sun? It may be so, for it there is no force or conscious control; there is only spontaneity and effortlessness.

Is this Action or Meditation?
Is this meditation in action? Have you ever felt that same state? When and where was it? Can you remember, as a child, losing track of time doing something? Is that something that could benefit your life right now? Could you do that special thing with a mindset of meditation and see what happens? Could you know yourself like that at this stage in life?

You wouldn’t know until you embark on the route to find it. So, go on, and find it. Look for it, under your pillow of your childhood dreams, or in that crevice of your heart where there is, not darkness but light. Just make this effort to find effortless action thereof.

Express Yourself to the “Monster of More”

Happiness – everyone wants it. I want to be happy. Don’t you? It doesn’t really matter whether or not you express yourself and your desire for happiness. The truth is that it is sought by all in one way or another.

express yourself

express yourself

Where is What We Want?

While looking for happiness, searching in many different schools of wisdom, and observing life, I have come to find that happiness is – wanting what you have. Paradoxical as it may sound, the stark truth lies within this revelation.

Most of us take those few moments when we get the “thing” we have wanted as happiness, when it was really just the end of searching. The truth is that what we want already lies in us. We look for happiness in relationships, in material profits, in a new car, or even in the illusion of social empowerment. What we get from these things is happiness of sorts, a conditional happiness. You will be unhappy when you do not have it; you will be happy momentarily when you have it.

And then,Strikes the “More” Monster

It will express yourself to you in ways so subtle that you will hardly notice. The neighbor’s car, bigger than yours; the friend’s family, happier than yours; the colleague’s salary, heftier than yours – the “more” monster will whisper this into your ears, and spur you on the path to seek more conditional happiness. “I will be happier if I have a bigger salary.” That is how you express yourself to that fiend.

What Combats this Devil?

Contrary to this sort of happiness, is the happiness that lies within. It is much more durable, and not transient. Whatever religion, whatever sect, whatever school of faith I tried to explore, only led me to accept one thing; that happiness is not something you will find somewhere; it is right within you. It is the only source of empowerment, and the best thing about it is that if you cannot seem to find it, you can create it.

So, Can’t Happiness Be Sought?

It can be, but within, not without. Just as the power is trapped only within, enduring happiness also thrives and grows only within you. The monster that asks for more will try to make to feel only dissatisfied, but the only thing that you must do is express yourself and realize that the More Monster is just an empty ghost; and that happiness is already here without needing anything else.

The Field

Say robots could be activated by a wireless field, like wireless internet. Say these robots had a set pattern of responses when activated, turn before you hit a wall, don’t destroy items, etc. Say once active, over time, they forget about the Field that animates them. As the memory fades of the Field, something fills the void. Thinking they move of their own accord, these robots create a story to explain their responses to life. Fighting themselves and their natural actions, the robots strive to keep themselves within their own story. This is suffering. But it is those, the few who surrender, they see life as a Field, they see the programming in themselves and others, and Love the Whole. This is freedom. Because the Whole is One, and that One IS them.


:  )


How to Find Yourself Home with All that Chaos?

The fact of the matter is that we are all looking for the same thing. But the only thing your mind keeps doing, is wondering home amidst all that chaos, turmoil, and diversity that surrounds you.

how to find yourself

how to find yourself

What It All Is

We seem so different, but the power of the mind, that internal freedom from compulsion, is what we are all yearning for. It stems from our belief we are separate, that we are “other” than our environment. All these words here on the screen have one common element – the screen.

Likewise, we all have a common feeling, that of existence; the feeling of being alive; of this very moment being real; that is the very same for everyone, and for everything. A tree knows that it is, a rock as well, us humans for all of our “advanced” skills and abilities are all an inevitable part of this “Is-ness” that we collectively swim in. We are molecules and atoms shifting in space-time. It is our mind that carries a story of continuity. It is our mind that spins the webs.

The Power within that Moves EVERYTHING

In reality EVERYTHING is just dancing in the Great Current – a sea of energy. All is a part of that play; even the desire to get rid of this ever continuing dance. Enlightenment or Salvation is just the ending of the need of those, realizing that it is our sense of being alone that we must give up to realize we are all-ONE. ALL IS. And what you are, is always there, just behind the noise. No need to search for it, you are IT.

What is Freedom?

Freedom is, knowing that every mistake is perfectly timed, and you are not in charge of the timing. It is like being one of the indispensable molecules of water, its power within itself, like all other molecules, and going with the flow. Your course has been chalked out, and whatever you do, will be what you had to do.

Freedom is, accepting that you cannot turn the clock around; that you can do your bit in the larger order of things.

So chill out and enjoy the ride. You are never not Home. Only once you let yourself go, will you get to know how to find yourself already home.

Rock On!



So some random quotes of mine I want to put out there…

“There is something of everything in anything”

“You get what you go after. Look deep within yourself first, see if you already have it. Let time catch up.”

“Everyone is just guessing.”


Forge your own way,


What if?

“What if” is a phrase that has whole lot possibilities in it. When you are a child, you think “what if I were a grown up.” When you grow up, you think “What if I were a millionaire.” Even if you are a millionaire, you wonder, “What if I were the most powerful person on earth?”

But what if you actually knew the power within you? Would you still be asking questions of others and of yourself?

Power Within You

Power Within You

The Secret of Life

Life is dynamic, it is an ever-flowing river that will take its own course. But just like the forces of nature design it course, so do our psyche and decisions in life. There is no bigger secret of life that just going with the flow. The idea is not to give up, but to understand what it needs from you, and make efforts to give it that.

You will never know what it has in store for you; sometimes it may be flowers; sometimes thorns. It may actually become useless wondering how to change your life. But we wonder. And sometimes, doing that gives you answer that you may never get otherwise.

What May Happen in Life

What if life is actually a lot simpler than you make it?

What if the force of everything was working FOR us?
What if that entire force is the real power within you?
What if you are doing and being exactly what you need to do and be right now?
What if you really can do nothing “wrong”?
What if this life really is some sort of dream?
What if what “you” are is just an idea, a concept?

What if you could be so relaxed into our own lives to such a degree that the “you” which feels that the secret inner hunger just dissolves into the Life you find yourself in?
What if there is One that is Conscious through everything and you just “tap into” that One?
What if you ARE that One, and you just were taught to forget it?
What if that One were “dreaming” you?
What if the Dream is trying to wake itself up?
What happens if you live for the whole manifestation and not yourself?
What would life be like knowing the whole Creation is in flow to bring you what you need, and you are naturally bringing others what they need by your natural and authentic action?
What if everything is extremely simple that you don’t need to wonder how to change your life?
What if you were already perfect?
What would you do today if you could feel the full force of the Universe flowing through everything you do?
What if the power within is the only power that exists in the universe?
What if?

– Oscar

How to Find Yourself the Success that is Sought?

how to find yourself

how to find yourself

How do we define success? Accolades? Parties in your honor? Awards?

Does success always have to be fancy? Have you wondered about it? Has it always plagued you how to find yourself in a decent position among those who make a show of success and sing tirades of how they did it?

And have you ever wondered if it counts how many and what sort of efforts you made to make success kiss your feet? Well, one thing, success is different for all. Another thing, different people have different ways to find it. Some try everything they can, some find a sturdy way of progressing and then stick to it. Human population growth statistic tells us how dissatisfied human of all nations, classes and races are with their lives. Looking for grand success with complex means need not really bring in satisfaction.

I still recall a practice from my childhood days. My brother and I used to get to rent a video game system if we were good as kids. Consequently, we always ended up fighting. We would get a game like “Street Fighter” or “Mortal Combat”, where we would have to compete against each other. My brother would try to use as many buttons, and make as many different moves as possible to get my guy. I would find one thing, one button, and just keep pushing it, just keep doing the one thing that worked. For me, it worked almost every time. He would yell, he would fluster, and get so mad. “That’s cheating!”, “That’s not fair!”, “You can’t do that!” He had all kinds of reasons why me winning with one move was not a real win at all.

But it was a win, after all. A win is a win. And, doing something simple, over and over that works, actually WORKS! Success doesn’t have to be fancy; it doesn’t have to be complicated either. If you are still ill at ease thinking how to find yourself that magic bean which grows a stock leading to treasure, think again. May be you just need to do your daily job well to do well in life.

Do what works; do it well; repeat.
Don’t over think; don’t over act or react.

This applies to everything in life. If you have a side-business that is helping pay off debt, but it is not exciting, keep doing it. It will work and pay off. Don’t lose small avenues of improvement in search of something grand.

If you have a diet that is working but is bland and uneventful, keep going.

The secret that economists keep looking for to attain holistic human population growth may be just this bit – figuring out what works for you. The greatest treasure in life is just beyond the dry, barren deserts. The gold is within the common soil. Don’t be fancy, just be consistent.
Find what works.

Do it.

Rock on!

Know Yourself to Ride the Cycles of Life

We live in a story. This life, the people, the drama around us, the rad, and the sad are all a very real dream. It’s hard to believe, but it is the way it is. Who were you before you were born? What will you be when you leave? Do you know yourself?

Know Yourself

Do You Know Yourself?

What We are

We come from a Mystery and will return to a Mystery; and in between lies a dynamic, an ever-flowing river of experience. We paint this experience with the stories we have been narrated to us. We modified them, and created ourselves. Some serve us, but some hold us back. One thing I discovered as I looked at the stories I tell myself, and this natural unfolding of the Dream of Life, is that the Cycles of Life can create Flow or Turbulence depending on how we act. This means that the key to empowerment lies in our own acts.

The Vitality of Action

Action is the Juice in the squeeze. Even action-less action is an action. Meditating, for example, IS an action too. When our actions come rolling in flow with the Cycles of Life, we don’t fear the natural unfolding; when we act out of fear or desperation, the very same Cycles become a brick wall.

Just know that everything is in flux. The hard times are there to help you appreciate the good ones; the thin times flavor the thick. Business is slow to prepare for the good times, and good times are for preparing for the “Bad”. Nothing stays the same. But, there are times when we feel trapped, like “this crap will last forever”. The trick is to lean into it. Allow yourself to be OK with “hell” lasting forever.

What Action Must be Taken?

Allow yourself to know yourself; to feel how you feel; to see the situation as it is, and Act. There is an odd, consistent crack in the “forever feeling” when you do this. Like the cracking of the thin shell that holds a baby bird captive in its egg. Just beyond the constrictive, black abyss is an alive, vibrant world of endless possibilities.

Just like not letting go with either hand on monkey bars, if we cannot let go of the past there will be no momentum to carry us into our future. If we cannot let go of our story, we will be unable to write our future. As soon as we let go, energy is released, and me move. Allowing, letting go into the Flow, is an action. Let the Cycles of Life work for you and realize nothing is permanent; that is your path to empowerment. No-“body” gets out of this life alive. We are all walking soil; so enjoy this dream we have the privilege to be in, and make it your own.
Change the world; it’s yours to change! And ride the Cycles of Life to your advantage!

Live Rad,

Weed Your Garden First – Know Yourself before You Know Others

“If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles”- Sun Tzu. One thing in life is for sure – all the important lessons are learned only by experience. Know yourself and win rest of the world.

Know Yourself

Know Yourself

I realized it when I was hopeful about playing a pivotal part in getting a local start to an Occupy movement in my home town some time ago. More than a movement, it proved to be a great experiment in seeing social dynamics on an upfront and personal level. It also compelled me to see how easy it is to point a finger at others for problems, and how difficult it is to know yourself. I would have to say that the frustrations that the lessons of Occupy caused in me, egged me on to create what has now taken the shape of this blog – StartWithin.

Whose Fault is It?

It is so easy to point the finger at others; so easy to point out the weeds in other’s garden. And this syndrome only grows with human population growth. It takes real wisdom to realize and fathom the reality of someone’s fault (a person, a leader, a government) and use the lessons for PERSONAL growth first.

A Lesson Learned in Time

The lesson that must be learned, however, is that before you try to incite change in another, it is you who must change. Weed out the greed in your own heart before shaking your fist at the corporate greed. That is what I had to do. I could not see myself being apart of something with pure ideals (realized or not) with what I felt was a lack in personal purity. I had to weed my garden first, and the process seems to have just started. It may take this lifetime (or more) to get this herculean task completed.

The Chain Reaction of Weeding

There is hope though. Just like one person on the block cleaning up their yard can spur others to spruce up their place as well, likewise, by “weeding” yourself you may end up encouraging others to do the same. Making wise choices yourself, without, howsoever, making much noise about it creates the space for those around you to make wise choices as well. On the flip-side, when you make poor choices, you allow other to continue the way they are going. There are more people comparing themselves to you in ways you may never know. Your growth creates a force to allow their growth. This is how human population growth is. This very act of spreading the positive change is the true Occupy movement.

Occupy yourself first, weed your own garden. What is that 1% negative within you that is oppressing the 99% positive that wants to grow and evolve? What is that one good change you can decide to strive for right now? What is one “weed” you can pull in this moment? To find out it is imperative to make efforts to know yourself.

Get the gloves out and get ready to take the dirt, your garden awaits.

-Oscar Nelson