What if?

“What if” is a phrase that has whole lot possibilities in it. When you are a child, you think “what if I were a grown up.” When you grow up, you think “What if I were a millionaire.” Even if you are a millionaire, you wonder, “What if I were the most powerful person on earth?”

But what if you actually knew the power within you? Would you still be asking questions of others and of yourself?

Power Within You

Power Within You

The Secret of Life

Life is dynamic, it is an ever-flowing river that will take its own course. But just like the forces of nature design it course, so do our psyche and decisions in life. There is no bigger secret of life that just going with the flow. The idea is not to give up, but to understand what it needs from you, and make efforts to give it that.

You will never know what it has in store for you; sometimes it may be flowers; sometimes thorns. It may actually become useless wondering how to change your life. But we wonder. And sometimes, doing that gives you answer that you may never get otherwise.

What May Happen in Life

What if life is actually a lot simpler than you make it?

What if the force of everything was working FOR us?
What if that entire force is the real power within you?
What if you are doing and being exactly what you need to do and be right now?
What if you really can do nothing “wrong”?
What if this life really is some sort of dream?
What if what “you” are is just an idea, a concept?

What if you could be so relaxed into our own lives to such a degree that the “you” which feels that the secret inner hunger just dissolves into the Life you find yourself in?
What if there is One that is Conscious through everything and you just “tap into” that One?
What if you ARE that One, and you just were taught to forget it?
What if that One were “dreaming” you?
What if the Dream is trying to wake itself up?
What happens if you live for the whole manifestation and not yourself?
What would life be like knowing the whole Creation is in flow to bring you what you need, and you are naturally bringing others what they need by your natural and authentic action?
What if everything is extremely simple that you don’t need to wonder how to change your life?
What if you were already perfect?
What would you do today if you could feel the full force of the Universe flowing through everything you do?
What if the power within is the only power that exists in the universe?
What if?

– Oscar

How to Find Yourself behind the Façade of Normalcy

how to find yourself

How to Find Yourself

Is Normalcy a Façade?

The more you try to find what the definitions of “normal” is, the farther you will be driven from it.

Here is the scenario – your best efforts go in trying to be how everyone else around you acts because that is considered normal. You try harder every day, every time, to just fit in, to seek their approval, just this one more time. And you push back the feeling of being weird so hard that you want to forget it.

But the truth is that the flimsy shell beneath which you hide yourself is just a hair’s breadth away from crumbling. Isn’t it true?

My Word to You

Let the shell crumble.

No shell, no façade, can stay in place for too long. The sooner it comes off, the better.
So, show the world your flavor of the “weird”. There is all probability that the ones around you will be shocked at times. Do you know why? Not because it is out of place but it reminds them of their own shell. It makes them realize how transient it is and that theirs too could crumble any moment.

There is nothing in you that you must hide. Normalcy comes from norms. And norms are only manmade. That is nowhere near changing lives, that is dictating lives. Don’t let others make you.

Be yourself, totally yourself, lose yourself in being you.

Why Must You Be You?

The world doesn’t need even one more normal person when there is already a crowd. The world needs you weird; it’s already full of “normal” numbskulls! It’s quite mundane to have clones of clones all around. The sincere employee who can never take a break; the dedicated housewife who must always tend to her children all the time; the overburdened student who must score an A in all subjects – we already have an army of those people, and of those who are constantly trying to be all that.

Is there anything that is different about you? If there is, then you must not hide it, because it is as much a part of you as your eyes or your hands.

Next time, leave that webpage up that you would have hidden it when others came by; bring that book to read on your break that you thought may make you look weird.

Do tell me what is that one thing that you could do today that would challenge the status quo. Please tell me of you wish to learn how to find yourself.

Chip the shell, free yourself.

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